History of the ColLection

Since 1970, Micheline Loire has been passionate about stained glass dating from the second half of the 19th Century to the 20th Century, from both the civil and domestic sector. She began by buying windows from this period.
In 1976 she founded the Galerie du Vitrail and began specializing in antique and contemporary stained glass; she continues to display part of her collection here.

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Since 2004, her daughter has looked after the Galerie du Vitrail, allowing Micheline Loire to dedicate herself entirely to dealing in antique stained glass.

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The windows in her collection come from various regions of France where they adorned a variety of places including châteaux, luxurious residences, hotels, shops, public and private buildings etc. Windows, doors and ceiling panels were made from this stained glass with brought color to many lounges, dining rooms, offices, entrance halls and staircases.

Micheline Loire has also rescued stained glass from churches and chapels that were destined for demolition, and has saved 19th Century windows (that have since been replaced by contemporary designs) from being destroyed.

Over the years, Micheline Loire’s collection has grown and now consists of more than 1500 pieces. She continues to add more panels; some are in good condition, whilst others are in need of restoration.

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