View the Stained Glass

On this website catalogued under 8 headings of antique stained glasses:
1-Plants and Flora
2-Painted subjects
3-Non painted subjects
5-Painted Designs
6-Simple Designs
8-Fragments of history
At the Antiquaire du Vitrail shop, situated 2 km outside Chartres, France (1 hour South-West of Paris), where there is a collection of windows and panels.

16 rue d'Ouarville
28300 LEVES - France
Tél: (33)

Please telephone or email to make an appointment with Micheline Loire.

At the "Galerie du Vitrail" (at the foot of Chartres Cathedral)

17 Cloître Notre-Dame
28000 CHARTRES - France
Tél: (33)

Where Micheline Loire’s daughter, Natalie Zins, will welcome you. Nearly 200 stained glass windows and panels are available to view at all times.